Okinawa (沖縄) is located in the southwestern part of the Japanese Archipelago and consists of 160 small and large islands including Okinawa's main island, Miyakojima Island and Iriomotejima Island in a chain over 1,000 km long, which extends southwest from Kyushu (the south-westernmost of Japan's main four islands) to Taiwan.
Its capital is Naha City.
Okinawa prefecture is a part of Kyushu.

It is the one and only prefecture in Japan that commands a subtropical climate.

Most people come to Okinawa for the sun and beaches even in midwinter. It offers a lot of marine sports. If laid-back tropical islands are your things, definitely Okinawa is your destination.
The language, culture, arts, and cuisines in Okinawa are distinctly different from that of the rest of Japan.
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