Osaka (大阪) is a prefecture in the Kansai region and is located almost in the center of Japan's main island of Honshu. Its capital is Osaka City.
It is a major industrial, port and economic centre and is also famous for its food representing Kuidaore-no machi (city where you eat till you drop), Osaka.

Osaka Map
Sightseeing Sites in Osaka
Osaka Castle Dotonbori Umeda Sky Building
Osaka Castle
Osaka castle is one of the three best castles of Japan.
Osaka Castle Travel Guide
Dotonbori is the more famous of the two “downtown Osaka” areas.
Dotonbori Travel Guide
Umeda Sky Building
It’s the seventh tallest building in new UMEDA city, Kitaku, Osaka city
Umeda Sky Building Travel Guide
Spa World America-mura Shitenno-ji Temple
Spa World
Spa world is a large sized Onsen(Hot spring)center located in Naniwaku, Osaka.
Spa World Travel Guide
America Mura (アメリカ村) is a central part of youth culture in the Kansai area.
America-mura Travel Guide
Shitenno-ji Temple
The first and oldest officially built Buddhist temple in Japan.
Shitennoji Temple Travel Guide
Nihonbashi Den Den Town Tsutenkaku Tower Universal Studio Japan (USJ)
Nihonbashi Den Den Town
One of Japan’s most famous electronics quarters and geek’s town
Nihonbashi Den Den Town Travel Guide
Tsutenkaku Tower
A symbol of Osaka located at Naniwaku, Osaka city. It’s also an observation tower 100M high
Tsutenkaku Tower Travel Guide
Universal Studio Japan (USJ)
One of four Universal Studio Theme parks, and it’s located in Konohana-ku, Osaka city.
Universal Studio Japan (USJ) Travel Guide
Banpaku-koen (Expo Park) Kaiyukan Aquarium Osaka City
Banpaku-koen (Expo Park)
The Expo Park is the site where Expo Osaka was held in 1970, it’s 15km north from the center of Osaka city.
Banpaku-koen (Expo Park) Travel Guide
Kaiyukan Aquarium
One of the world’s largest aquariums in Osaka South Port which has a view of Osaka Bay Area.
Kaiyukan Travel Guide
Osaka City

Food in Osaka

Kansai Style Okonomiyaki and Kushi-katsu
Kansai Style OkonomiyakiKushi-katsu

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