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Koshinetsu (甲信越) is a sub-region of the Chubu region in Japan consisting of Yamanashi, Nagano and Niigata prefectures.
Nagano Niigata
Japan AlpsNorikuraTateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Nagano (長野) is well-known as the city where the Nagano Winter Olympics were held.
It is blessed with a richness of nature such as 2,000-3,000 meters high mountains, including the Japan Alps, and many rivers and lakes.
The number of 3000-meter-high mountain in Nagano Prefecture is 15, which is the largest in Japan and makes up for two-thirds of Japan's total number, 23.
Onsens with good minerals and nice view are abundant. Nagano Travel Guide


KodoRiceJapanese Sake
The climate is suitable for rice cultivation and "Niigata Koshihikari" is generally recognized as the best rice in Japan. Not many foreign tourists get here but the region is famed for the quality of its rice and sake.
Nigata Travel Guide


Mt. FujiFujikyu Highland
Yamanashi (山梨) is surrounded by mountains including Mt. Fuji, the Sounth Alps and Yatsuga-take. Mountain climbing and hot springs are among the most popular forms of recreation in Yamanashi. The many hot springs in the area offer health benefits and relaxation.
Yamanashi Travel Guide


Fast Fact - Koshinetsu

If your thing is nature, you will never be bored here all through the year.
You can hike up the mountains of the Japan Alps or Mt. Fuji from around April to November, enjoy the changing beautiful colors of autumn leaves, skiing and snowboarding in winter as good ski resorts are scattered around this area.
The scenery of the massive Alps is spectacular, and especially in winter, it is breathtaking a mountain landscape as the mountain ranges stand out clearly in the winter air.
It is also easy to find good onsens (hot springs) around this area. It will be one of your great travel memories to soak in an onsen (hot spring) with a great view of the Japanese alps. In Nagano, for example, there is an onsen where monkeys are enjoying bathing just like humans do.

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