Aomori (青森) is located in the northern most part of Honshu Island. Its capital is Aomori city.
Sightseeing Spots in Aomori
Shirakami Sanchi Lake Towada Oirase Stream

Picturesque mountain stream along the 14km Oirase Valley Nature Trail
Oirase Stream Travel Guide
Mt. Hakkoda Mt. Osore Mt. Iwaki
Hirosaki Castle Tsugaru Peninsula Shimokita Peninsula
Kaidan Kokudo
Route 339
Festivals in Aomori
Aomori Nebuta Festival

One of the three largest festivals in the Tohoku region takes place from August 2 to 7 in the city of Aomori.
Enjoy the parade of huge lanterns in the shape of samurai warriors and participate in the festival as haneto (dancers) to have lots of fun!
Nebuta Travel Guide
Onsen (Hot springs) in Aomori
Sukayu Onsen

Fast Fact - Aomori

Aomori is divided in east and west regions by the Ouu Mountain Range, which slices down through the center of Aomori.
It is cool and characterized by short summers and long winters. You might feel that Aomori is a deserted place; however, it is charming and has a atmosphere where Japan's good old time remains. On top of that, it has some world heritage sites, the Shirakami Mountain Range, Lake Towada, natural beauty, fresh fish markets and onsens (hot springs) in abundance.
Aomori prefecture is also famous for Nebuta Festivals which take place all over the places, however the Nebuta Festival in Aomori City is especially famous.
Explore the corners of the narrow roads to the deep north!!

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