Yamaguchi Sightseeing Map

Yamaguchi (山口) is located in the westernmost part of Honshu. Its capital is Yamaguchi City.

Yamaguchi is called little Kyoto of the San-in region and boasts the largest yearly catch of blow-fish. Mt. Kasa (Kasa-yama) in Hagi City is Japan's smallest volcano, the height of which is only 112 meters.

Yamaguchi played an important role during the bakumatsu period and the coastline of the Sea of Japan is beautiful and the water is clear. It has lots of historic sites, Akiyoshi-do Plateau, Akiyoshi-do Cave and Omi-jima island whose scenic outcroppings are called the "Sea Alps."
Some other major attractions are the famous Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni, Shimonoseki and Hagi-city.
Sightseeing Spots in Yamaguchi
Kintaikyo Biridge Shimonoseki Hagi City
Akiyoshi-dai Shuhodo Tsuno-shima Island

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