HENRO (PILGRIMAGE) to the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku


To pilgrims, Tokushima prefecture is known as Hosshin-no-dojo (the place to determine to achieve enlightenment) which is the first stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).

As a practical proposition, if you don't have enough time to make a pilgrimage all through the circuit at once, it might be a good idea to try it for a couple of days from the No.1 temple in Tokushima city to the No. 17 temple in Tokushima city, so you can image what the journey is going to be like and decide if you want to continue.
The temple 1, Ryozan-ji is in Tokushima city and it is the first temple you visit as a pilgrim. You will head west to visit the temples 2 to 11. After the temple 11, you will head back for Tokushima city while visiting the temples 12 to 17. There, if you decide to continue, you can prepare for the long journey in a big city. If not, it's easy to restart your travel from Tokushima city.
Of course, you will need more time to learn the real journey after the temple 17, and the journey may not be enough to know the real Japan but it can be good enough at least to sample the pilgrimage in Shikoku.
Henro Travel in Tokkushima (Pilgrimage to the 23 temples in Tokushima)
1 Ryozenji Temple(霊山寺) 2 Gokurakuji Temple(極楽寺) 3 Konsenji Temple(金泉寺)
4 Dainichiji Temple(大日寺) 5 Jizoji Temple (地蔵寺) 6 Anrakuji Temple(安楽寺)
7 Jurakuji Temple(十楽寺) 8 Kumadaniji Temple (熊谷寺) 9 Horinji Temple(法輪寺)
10 Kirihataji Temple(切幡寺) 11 Fujiidera Temple(藤井寺) 12 Shozanji Temple(焼山寺)
13 Dainichiji Temple(大日寺) 14 Jorakuji Temple(常楽寺) 15 Kokubunji Temple(国分寺)
16 Kannonji Temple(観音寺) 17 Idoji Temple(井戸寺) 18 Onzanji Temple(恩山寺)
19 Tatsueji Temple(立江寺) 20 Kakurinji Temple(鶴林寺) 21Tairyuji Temple(太竜寺)
22 Byodoji Temple(平等寺) 23 Yakuoji Temple(薬王寺)

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