TSUTENKAKU (通天閣) - Osaka


Tsutenkaku is a symbol of Osaka located at Naniwaku, Osaka city. It’s also an observation tower 100M high.

Tsutenkaku Tower
It’s designated as a tangible cultural property, and it’s known as a famous tourist spot in Osaka.
The charm doll statue (Billiken), which is thought to bring one fortune when one strokes the bottoms of his feet, is enshrined at the observation space on the 5th floor.
Around Tsutenkaku
Blliken Tsutenkaku Robo (Robot) View from Tsutenkaku

Shinsekai area Janjan-Yokocho

Shinsekai area is around Tsutenkaku.

Shopping mall where there are lots of restaurants and shops near the Tsutenkaku tower.

Business hours

*It opens 7days a week
*From 9:00AM to 21:00PM
*Entrance will close at 20:30

Admission fee

University or college student:500YEN
Junior and High school student:400YEN
Discount for special needs people
Elementary school student, kindergarden/100YEN
Group discount (reservation is required)
More than 30 people/10%
More than 100people/15%
More than 200people/20%

Access to Tsutenkaku

10 minutes from Shinimamiya station, JR Kanjyo Line on foot
3 minutes from Ebisu-machi station, subway Sakaisuji Line on foot.
10minutes from Doubutsuenmae station, subway Midousuji Line on foot.
3minutes from Ebisu-machi station, Hankai Denkikidou Hankailine on foot.
3minutes from subway Ebisumchi stop by bus.

通天閣 by walking

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通天閣 by car

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