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Shitenno-ji Temple is the first and oldest officially built Buddhist temple in Japan. It was built by prince Shotoku Taishi, who is considered the ancestor of Japanese Buddhism.

Shitenno-ji Temple
According to the Nihonsyoki which is the oldest historic book in existence in Japan, construction started in 593 A.D..
The principal Buddhist image is KUSEKANNON BOSATSU (Kusekannon bodhisattva)
It’s an old architectural style called Shitennou style garan layout.
Cathedrals, and a five-storied pagoda are lined in a straight row from the South to the North and the corridor surrounds them. It is called Shiteno-ji style cathedral layout and is one of the oldest architectural styles in Japan.
Shitennoji Temple
Shitenno-ji Pagoda Nio-mon Gate Honbo-teien (Honbo Garden)

Japanese garden in Shitenno-ji Temple

Business hours

(Central garan / Houbutsu kan)
From April to September
Entrance will close at 16:10

From October to March
Entrace will close at 15:40

(Honbou garden)
Entrance will close at 15:30

Admission fee

(Central Bosatsu)
Adult----300YEN / high school, university student----200YEN
Group (more than 30people)
Adult----200YEN / high school, university student----100YEN

(Houbutsu kan)
Adult----200YEN / high school, university student----100YEN
Group (more than 30people)
Adult----150YEN/ high school, university student----50YEN

(Honbou garden)
Adult----300YEN / high school, university student----200YEN
Group (more than 30people)
Adult----200YEN/ high school, university student----100YEN

(Both ticket)
Adult----700YEN / high school, university student----400YEN
Group(more than 30people)
Adult----500YEN/ high school, university student----200YEN

*Houbutsukan closes every Monday, public holidays and special event day
*Honbou garden opens every day except Buddhist memorial service

Access to Shitennoji Temple

15miniutes from subway Midousuji Line Tennouji station, JR Kanjyou Line Tennouji station, or subway Kintetsu Osaka Abenomachibashi station.

5minutes from subway Tani machi Line Shitennoujimae-Yuhigaokastation

By railway

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By car

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