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Osaka castle is one of the three best castles of Japan. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was trying to dominate the whole country, commenced its construction in 1583 and it took 15years to build it.

Osaka Castle
The Tensyukaku (the main castle tower) has been rebuilt twice in the past. Most recently the Osaka city mayor initiated the work in in 1928 and was completed in 1931 with donation from the citizens.
The donations flooded to the city hall, and it took only half a year to collect the 1,500,000YEN necessary. (It’s the equivalent of approximately 60~70 billion YEN in today’s currency.)
It is open as an observation deck and a historical museum for the public, and on the highest floor one can look over the Osaka Port, Osaka Plain and, in the distance, Mt. Kikuma.

Also the Osakajyo Castle Park has a vast area of 106.7ha, and a wooded area with SAKURA (cherry blossom) and UME (Japanese plum). It is one of the best sightseeing spots during the bloom gazing season.
It’s not only loved by citizens as a downtown oasis but also many foreign visitors visit here.
Osaka Castle
Osaka-jo Hall Osaka-jo Koen (Osaka-jo Park) Osaka Castle Big Stone


There is an elevater next to the castle...

Business hours

Open hour
AM 9:00-PM17:00
Entrance will close at 4:30pm.
However, hours might be extended during the Sakura season, Golden Week (late April-early May), summer vacations and special exhibitions in autumn.

Closed day
New year’s Eve and Happy New Year’s Day(Dec. 28-Jan. 1)

Admission fee

Adult 600YEN
Less than Junior high school student Free

Parking fee
(8:00AM-22:00PM)350YEN/per hour
(22:00PM-8:00AM)150YEN/per hour

Access to Osaka Castle

From railway stations

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By car

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Information about Osaka Castle

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