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Denden town is one of Japan’s most famous electronics quarters and geek’s town; similar to Tokyo’s Akihabara. It is located around Nihonbashi, Naniwaku, in Osaka city.
It consists of wide variety of shops, selling not only home electrics but also electrical materials and industrial tools.

Nihonbashi Den Den TownThe street beside the Nihonbashi Kinsai-Dori arcade between Nankai nanba station and Sakaisuji is called “Ota Road (Geek’s road)“ There one will find figure shops, doujinshi (magazines for hardcore hobbyists) shops and the shops selling electric parts used by the serious electronics hobbyist.
It also includes Nansan-dori (Nansan street) which connects Nankai nanba station to Nihonbashi-suji
It’s also becoming increasingly famous for one of the Japanese originated cultural features, the “Maid café” (costume play café); a place where girls are waiting on customers while dressed up in costumes. Music lovers also visit here to check specialized audio stores and to find vinyl records.

Recently some of the home appliance shops started to look at foreign tourists, especially group tourists from Korea, China, the Middle East, as potential customers. As such they are improving their offerings to match those found in duty free shops.

On Spring Equinox Day (or nearest Sunday), Nihonbashi Street Festival is held there .
On that day the conventional central arcade, Sacai-Suji, opens for public as an almost 700M vehicle-free area.
It’s only once a year, but hundreds of thousands of people visit here to see the parade of interesting Kansai people.
(22:00PM-8:00AM)150YEN/per hour
Around Nihonbashi Denden Town
Denden Town Main Street Ota-Road (Geek’s road)
Den Den Town Main Street
Figure shops, doujinshi (magazines for hardcore hobbyists) shops and the shops selling electric parts used by the serious electronics hobbyist.

Access to Nihonbashi Denden Town

Only Sakaisuji subway line, Ebisu-cho Station has directly exits being connected to the inside of Den Den Town, and it takes more minutes from the other stations.
You have to be careful that Nihonbashi is not the nearest station, although the area is commonly called NIHONBASHI.
Or Subway Sakasuji Line------Ebisu-machi station
Or Nankai Denki Line------5minitues walk from Nankai Nanba station.

By car
To get to Nihonbashi, take HANSHIN EXPRESSWAY ROUTE 1 LOOP ROUTE and get off the highway at Nanba exit, turn right at the first traffic light. On the other side of the railroad track it is Nihonbashi.

By railways

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By car

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