Spa world is a large sized Onsen(Hot spring)center located in Naniwaku, Osaka.
It’s a kind of new world where many of Tsutenkaku and Osaka’s local food restaurants are lined up one next to each other.

Spa World
The bath is divided into a European zone and an Asian zone (the bathing areas for men and the bath for women change every month.), it’s an entertaining bath where you can enjoy every kinds of bath style from around the world.
It’s possible to stay overnight by paying the admission fee and a 1000yen late-night charge.
At times Spa World offers ”24 HR” specials. On those days, both adults and children can use the worldwide baths for only 1000YEN for the day, or 2000YEN including late-night charge. .
Among the attractions, there are: sauna, swimming pool, esthetic clinic, sports gym, bedrock bath, Yomogi bath (Korean style bath), restaurants, hotel and so on.

Business hours

24hours (according to the attractions)
Onsen opens from 10:00AM till 8:45AM (next morning).

Admission fee

(Tax included)

Weekdays (Monday through Friday)
3 hour use

Adults (12 and over )2,400yen Children (Under 12 )1,300yen
All day use
Adults (12 and over )2,700yen Chlidren (Under 12 )1,500yen
Special Days (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and other specially designated days)
3 hour use

Adults (12 and over )2,700yen Children (Under 12 )1,500yen
All day use (10:00 AM to 8:45AM next morning)
Adults (12 and over )3,000yen Chlidren (Under 12 )1,700yen
Fees for late-night use
Above-stated admission fee plus 1,000yen (Levied when entering/leaving or being at the spa between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM

Access to Spa World

  • Get off at Sakai suji Line, Doubutsuenmae Station. Located near the number 5 exit.
  • Get off at JR Kansai Honsen Line, Shinimamiya Station. Located near the East Exit.
  • 5 minute walk from Nankai Dentetsu Shinimamiya Station.

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Information about Spa World

Information 06-6631-0001

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