The Expo Commemoration Park
(万博記念公園, Banpaku kinen koen) - Osaka

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The Expo Park is the site where Expo Osaka was held in 1970, it’s 15km north from the center of Osaka city.

The Expo Commemoration Park

There are quite a few famous spots there, for example ‘The Tower of the Sun’, Japanese Garden, and a variety of sports and cultural centers.
It’s also selected as one the 100 best sights to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.
It’s an enjoyable park all year round with vast lawn square and seasonal flowers including Sakura and Ajisai.
‘The Tower of the Sun’ is one of the representative works of the Japanese artist Taro Okamoto.

≪Expo 70 Commemorative Park≫
Duration------ March 15th-September 13th, 1970, was held over 183-days.
Theme------Progress and Harmony for Mankind

The number of visitors /64,218,770 people * A record number of Exposition
Largest number of visitors in 1day/836,6000 people
Average number of daily visitors/350,000 people
The Expo Commemoration Park (万博記念公園, Banpaku kinen koen)
Kako-no-Taiyo Mirai-no-Taiyo Genzai-no-Taiyo

The sun in the past

The sun in the future

The sun now

Business hours

Entrance will open until 4:30PM

Hours of parking
Entrance is available from 9:00AM till 16:30PM, but exit is available until 18:00PM

Regular holiday

Business hours would be changed in case of special events.

Admission fee

Common ticket for Japan Garden and A natural and Cultural center
General/Adult---250YEN Children---70YEN

(National Museum of Ethnology/MINPAKU)
Adult 420YEN
University or college students 250YEN
Junior or high school student 110YEN
*except special exhibitions

(The Japan folk crafts museum, Osaka)
Adult 700YEN
University, College, High school student 450YEN
Junior high school and elementary school student 100YEN

(Genki Onsen Banpaku Oyuba)
Adult(older than Junior high school student) 700YEN
Children (Aged for till elementary school) 350YEN
Children(under aged 3) 100YEN

Parking fee
Standard sized car---(weekend)1200YEN (weekday)800YEN
Mini bus------------------------------1800YEN---------------1200YEN
Motor bicycle------------------------200YEN

Access to Expo 70 Commemorative Park

*Subway Midosuji Line, Senri Cyuo station
*Subway Tanimachi Line, Dainichi station
*Keihan HonsenLine, Kadomashi station

Take the Osaka Monorail from those stations above and get off at Banpaku Kinen Koen station (万博記念公園駅) or Koen Higashiguchi station (公園東口駅).

*When you come from the Osaka Airport, take the monorail at Osaka Kuko station (Osaka Airport Station) and get off at Banpaku Kinen Koen station.
*When you come from Kansai International Air Port, take a Nankai dentetsu Line at Kansai Kuko station (Kansai Airport station) and get off at Nanba station.
Then, take subway Midousuji Line (Kita Osaka Kyuko Line) and get off at Senri Cyuo station.
Take the Osaka monorail there, and get off at Banpaku Kinen Koen station.

By railways

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By car

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Information about The Expo Commemoration Park

The Expo Commemoration Park
English information/

(National Museum of Ethnology/MINPAKU)
English information/

(The Japan folk crafts museum, Osaka)
Information 06-6877-1971

(Genki Onsen Banpaku Oyuba)
Information 06-6816-2600

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