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Kaiyukan is one of the world’s largest aquariums in Osaka South Port which has a view of Osaka Bay Area.
It contains 580kinds and 30,000 sea animals including the biggest fish, whale shark (Rhincodon typus).

Kaiyukan Aquarium
Kaiyukan Aquarium
Aquarium Tunnel Kaiyukan Aquarium

Around Kaiyukan
Suntory museum

Art museum next to Kaiyukan Aquarium.

Business hours

Non business day 7days through a year in June, January, and February.

Admission fee

Adult (over 16 or high school student) 2.000YEN
Elementary school and junior high school student 900YEN
Infant (over 4) 400Yen

Access to KAIYUKAN Aquarium (海遊館)

5minitues walk from Osaka-ko station (Osaka port station)
Bus/Osaka city bus -----Tenpouzan station
*Take No.88 bus from Osaka station, or take No.60 bus bound for Tenpozan from Nanba station.

By railway

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By car

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