Shikoku (四国) is the smallest and least populous of the four main islands of Japan; it is located south of Honshu and east of the island of Kyushu.

The former names of places are still in common use in Shikoku.
Ehime was Iyo, Kagawa was Sanuki, Tokushima was Awa and Kochi was Tosa, so, don't get confused while there.
Shikoku is thought of as a rural backwater, with few must-see attractions and Shikoku is often ignored by both Japanese and foreign tourists. However, a visit there can wash away those thoughts; the mountainous inner regions offer some good hiking and a glimpse of the elusive “Real Japan”. It is also the home of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.
It still remains the natural beauty it always was due to the fewest visitors, and has much to offer. The Awa Odori festival, Matsuyama Castle, a beautiful coastline and the best noodles (Sanuki-Udon) in Japan are but a few of the things that will make a trip to Shikoku worthwhile

Going to Kagawa prefecture only to try some udon is worthwhile, even for Japanese people. Udon can be eaten everywhere in Japan, but only people who tried some udon in Kagawa can know what real udon is like.
Visitors can be overwhelmed by the wave of the heat at Awa-Odori which is held during Obon holidays (Aug. 12th to 15th).

If you have time, we highly recommend that you should make a pilgrimage there. The trail is about 1,400km and it takes about 2 months on foot, about 3 weeks by bicycle, one week by scooter or car.
Even though you may not be a Buddhist, you can try the great journey as lots of nonreligious Japanese people are traveling as pilgrims there. That is for sure that it will be one of the greatest journey you make in your life!!

The real beauty of Shikoku is the remaining nature which can easily be seen when one goes a bit deeper inland and takes the narrower roads in the mountain areas and gorges; any place which is not famous enough to be a touristic spot.
Ehime Tokushima

Ehime (愛媛) is famous for Mt. Ishizuchi, which is West Japan's highest peak. Japan's highest peak. There is also the nation's oldest hot spa resort, Dogo-Onsen (hot spring).
Ehime Travel Guide


From the enthusiastic Awa-odori festival (Awa Dance Festival) and the mighty channel whirlpools of the Naruto Channel (Naruto-kaikyo), to the pristine scenery of Iya Valley and the surf beaches of the southern coast, Tokushima (徳島) offers an array of attractions to quench all adventurous thirsts.
Tokushima Travel Guide


Kochi Kagawa

Kochi (高知) offers a lot, from Kochi city which sits at the foot of Kochi castle, and the Yosakoi-Matsuri Festival – which is filled with many travelers with every year – to many beautiful clear rivers, magnificent coastline of Tosa with the sandy beaches of Cape Muroto at one end of the bay and Cape Ashizuri at the other.
Kochi Travel Guide


Kagawa prefecture (香川) is famous for Udon, or wheat flour noodles. Going to Kagawa prefecture only to try some udon is worthwhile, even for Japanese people. Udon can be eaten everywhere in Japan, but only people who tried some udon in Kagawa can know what real udon is like.
Kagawa Travel Guide


Shikoku Henro (Shikoku Pilgrimage)
Tokushima -- Hosshin-nodojo -- The first stage
Tokushima prefecture is known as Hosshin-no-dojo (the place to determine to achieve enlightenment) which is the first stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).

Tokushima Pilgrimage Travel Guide
You strat walking.
Kochi -- Shugyo-no-dojo -- The 2nd stage
Kochi prefecture is known as Shugyo-no-dojo (the place of practice) which is the 2nd stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).

Kochi Pilgrimage Travel Guide
Ehime -- Bodai-no-dojo -- The third stage
Ehime prefecture is known as Bodai-no-dojo (the place of attainment of wisdom) which is the 3rd out of four stages.

Ehime Pilgrimage Travel Guide
Kagawa -- Nehan-no-dojo -- The last stage
Kagawa prefecture is known as Nehan-no-dojo (the place of Completion) which is the 4th and the last stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).

Kagawa Pilgrimage Travel Guide
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