HENRO (PILGRIMAGE) to the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku


To pilgrims, Kochi prefecture is known as Shugyo-no-dojo (the place of practice) which is the 2nd stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).
It is commonly said that Kochi is the land to test pilgrims. Tosa makes up more than a third of the pilgrimage, even though there are only 16 of the 88 temples in Kochi.
The distance between the last temple in Tokushima and the first temple in Kochi, makes a pilgrimage tough. One can't reach even a single temple for a couple of days.
Pilgrims might breathe a sigh of relief on moving into Ehime prefecture, while thinking back how hard it was to travel in Kochi, how very beautiful the coast lines and mountains were and how many things they have achieved.
Henro Travel in Kochi (Pilgrimage to the 16 temples in Kochi)
24 Hotsumisakiji Temple(最御崎寺) 25 Shinshoji Temple(津照寺) 26 Kongochoji Temple(金剛頂寺)
27 Konomineji Temple(神峰寺) 28 Dainichiji Temple(大日寺) 29 Kokubunji Temple(国分寺)
30 Zenrakuji Temple(善楽寺) 31 Chikurinji Temple(竹林寺) 32 Zenjibuji Temple(禅師峰寺)
33 Sekkeiji Temple(雪蹊寺) 34 Tanemaji Temple(種間寺) 35 Kiyotakiji Temple(清滝寺)
36 Shoryuji Temple(青竜寺) 37 Iwamotoji Temple(岩本寺) 38 Kongofukuji Temple(金剛福寺)
39 Enkoji Temple(延光寺)

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