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Kagawa (香川) is located in the northeastern part of Shikoku. Its capital is Takamatsu City.
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Kotohira-gu (Konpira-san)

Fast Fact - Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa is Japan's smallest prefecture and enjoys the Seto Inland Sea climate that is characterized by mild weather and many sunny days throughout the year. The climate is suitable for the cultivation of the wheat used for making the famous hand-kneaded noodles.
Kagawa prefecture is famous for Udon, or wheat flour noodles. Going to Kagawa prefecture only to try some udon is worthwhile, even for Japanese people. Udon can be eaten everywhere in Japan, but only people who tried some udon in Kagawa can know what real udon is like.
As Udon is easy-to-eat food and cheap, besides there are more than 900 Udon restaurants in Kagawa, it should be great fun to go on a Udon-eating trip till you find your Udon.
Some udon shops in Kagawa only charge 70yen to 100yen per dish.

To pilgrims, Kagawa prefecture is known as Nehan-no-dojo (the place of Completion) which is the 4th and the last stage of Shikoku henro (pilgrimage).

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