Ehime Sightseeing Map
Ehime (愛媛) is located in the northwestern part of Shikoku. Its capital is Matsuyama City.
It enjoys the Seto Inland Sea climate that is characterized by mild weather and many sunny days.

It is famous for Mt. Ishizuchi, which is West Japan's highest peak.
"The Sada-misaki Peninsula" is acknowledged as the peninsula with the longest coastline in Japan.
Ehime Prefecture is a treasure box of dynamic nature: Seto Inland Sea National Park with islands of various sizes on the moderate inland sea, Omogo-kei Gorge (which reveals its beauty with towering cliffs, strange-looking rocks, and abysses), and Mt. Ishizuchi (western Japan's highest peak, with a magnificent view of its sword-like peak soaring up into the sky).
There is also the nation's oldest hot spa resort, Dogo-Onsen (hot spring).

To pilgrims, Ehime prefecture is known as Bodai-no-dojo (the place of attainment of wisdom) which is the 3rd out of four stages.
Sightseeing Spots in Ehime
Mt. Ishizuchi Cape Sata
Onsen (Hot Spring) in Ehime
Dogo Onsen

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