Shinjuku is one of the three bustling towns of Tokyo the other two being SHIBUYA and IKEBUKURO.
This town has two parts. On the west side is the business district where skyscrapers are standing and the other side is the “down town” where the shopping centers, restaurants and café are a plenty.
Some of the tall buildings, including the Metropolitan government of Tokyo, are offering free access to their observation decks. On clear days, you can enjoy panoramic views of wonderful sights, from Mt. Fuji to the Tokyo tower.
Shinjuku station is a starting point for traveling to the suburbs. Many public conveyances are connecting here, same as Tokyo station.
Shop in the daytime, relax at Shinjuku-Gyoen, escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and enjoy dinner with a marvelous night view from the skyscrapers…

Shinjuku is a town where on week days business men walk rapidly making every minute count; but, in contrast, on weekends is one of the premiere dating spots for Japanese couples.

A numbers of shopping centers encompass the station building; for example LUMINE, ODAKYU, TAKASHIMAYA, SOGO, TOKYU HANDS. They are connected with the station directly along underground streets.
Some of the streets continue for several kilometers, and one can walk to all of them through the underground shopping arcade.
In the underground arcade, there are a lot of stores including fashion and Japanese food shops. Some of these food shops are famous for serving delicious local cuisine. Don’t let the long lineups in front of some of the stores dissuade you from sampling their offerings; the long lineups, especially if comprised mostly of women are an excellent indicator of how delicious their food is.

We have the rainy season in JUNE & JULY.
Even on the days when the weather is bad, though your schedule is a little more limited, don’t be too disappointed; it might be a good idea to switch your schedule to a shopping day in the underground arcade.
Sights in Shinjuku
Metropolitan government of Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen Kabuki-cho
Shinjuku Skyscraper

Access to Shinjuku Station

TYU-OU line

Keiou Line
Odakyu Line
Tokyo Metro------Marunouchi line
Metropolitan Subway Line----Shinjuku line
Oedo line

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