The Kanto (関東) region is located in the eastern part of Honshu and includes the Greater Tokyo Area and encompasses seven prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa.
Tokyo Kanagawa
Tokyo SkyscraperAsakusaTokyo Tower
Tokyo (東京) plays a leading role in Japanese politics, economy, and culture being Japan's capital and also having developed as a center of world economy and culture; it offers a number of must-see places.
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Kamakura DaibutsuLandmark Tower in KanagawaHakone
Kanagawa (神奈川) is noted for hot spring areas such as Hakone and Yugawara. It also provides a home to Kamakura and its many places of scenic and historical interest.Kanagawa Travel Guide


Chiba Tochigi

Chiba (千葉) is suburban sprawl to the east and the site of Narita airport.
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Most of Tochigi (栃木), except for the southern plain region, is mountainous and it is a popular escape known for the historical site Nikko and many hot springs.
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Ibaraki Gunma

Ibaraki (茨城) is noted for "Mito Kairakuen garden," which is well known as one of the three famous gardens in Japan.
It is spacious land containing the second largest lake in Japan and a plenty of ponds and rivers.
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Gunma (群馬) is blessed with a rich variety of nature such as; mountains 2,000 meters high, the marshlands of Oze, many lakes, and the Tone River's clear stream.
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Saitama (埼玉) is uburban sprawl to the north containing very little. The southeastern part of Saitama has been developed as a commuter town for Tokyo.
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