Ibaraki (茨城) is located in the northeastern part of the Kanto region. Its capital is Mito City.
It is spacious land containing the second largest lake in Japan and a plenty of ponds and rivers.
Sightseeing Spots in Ibaraki
Mito Kairakuen

Fast Fact - Ibaraki Prefecture

It is noted for "Mito Kairakuen garden," which is well known as one of the three famous gardens in Japan.

Ibaraki is a major producer of natto (fermented beans). It is healthy and the locals eat it often for breakfast on rice. Many foreigners (and Japanese) find it too stinky to eat, though some quite like it. Asking your opinion of natto is a common topic of small talk with strangers.
If there are two horrible taste things you want to try in Japan, one must be natto, the other being Umeboshi (pickled plum) which might be too sour. Been the strong tastes and healthy, some can love them!!

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