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The Tokai region (東海) is a sub-region of the Chubu region in Japan and located in the center of the Japanese archipelago.
It consists of Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie, and Gifu prefectures.
Gifu Aichi
Shirakawa-goTakayamaKiso River
Gifu offers lots of Japanese traditional sights such as Shirakawa's historic villages and Takayama city and many onsen (hot springs) which contains good minerals.
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Nagoya CastleMiso-katsuMiso-nikomi-udon
Nagoya (名古屋) City is the Japan's fourth-largest city.
It is noted for its many automobile companies.
Inuyama castle is in Aichi.
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Mie Shizuoka
OdaigaharaIseMeoto rocks
There is the home of Japan's most famous ninja clan in Iga and are also some famous sights such as Kumano-kodo (Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kii Mountain Pilgrimage Route), Ise Shrine and Suzuka known for its motor sports events.
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AtamiMt. FujiLake Kawaguchi
Shizuoka is dotted with a number of scenic spots including Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, and Lake Hamana.
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Fast Fact - Tokai

It includes the largest major city in the region is Nagoya and the Nagoya Metropolitan Area makes up a large portion of the region and boasts Japan's third strongest economy, many traditional sites such as Gassyo-zukuri (World Heritage Site) and hot springs in Gifu, Mt Fuji in Shizuoka.

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