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Gifu (岐阜) is located almost in the center of Honshu. Its capital is Gifu City.

Gifu is an inland prefecture that has no access to the sea. Gifu has long been known by the name "Hizan Nosui," signifying the Hida Mountain Range in the north and the pure waters of the rivers in the sounth. The Hida area is dotted with mountains in the 3,000-meter class, and the Mino region is where the Kiso River, the Nagara River and the Ibo River (Kiso-Sansen) run through the Noobi Plain.

Gifu offers lots of Japanese traditional sights such as Shirakawa's historic villages and Takayama city and many onsen (hot springs) which contains good minerals.
Sightseeing Spots in Gifu
Hida Takayama Shirakawa Village H
Takayama Matsuri Festival N

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