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Yamagata (山形) is located in the Tohoku region of the main Japanese island Honshu. Its capital is Yamagata City.

Sightseeing Spots in Yamagata
Zao Yama-dera Temple Mogami River
The spectacular volcanic crater lake, Okama, near the ski and onsen resort of Zao Onsen is worth the long drive or bus ride from Zao Onsen town.
It is known as the "Goshiki-Numa"(Five Color Pond), since it changes to various colors depending on the weather.
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Fast Fact - Yamagata prefecture

Yamagata is known as the only prefecture in Japan to have at least one natural hot spring in each of its 44 cities, towns and villages.
Yamagata prefecture is often described as 'hidden' Japan and is not as a famous traveling destination as, for example, Kyoto and Tokyo for the international traveler and Okinawa and Hokkaido for the domestic travelers. However, Yamagata has much to offer both to the domestic and to the international traveler.
It has great un-spoilt mountain scenery, world class skiing in winter, temples, distinctive local foods, some of the best onsen (hot springs) in Japan and many summer festivals.
On top of that, the forms of the Japan of the past can still be seen here, along with everything that modern Japan has to offer.

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