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Japan Northern Alps

The Northern Alps are known as Hida Mountains(飛騨山脈) which are running north to south in the center of Japan, are also called the ‘Roof of Japan’ because of the spaciousness which hold 3000m class mountains that the world takes as the symbol of Japan.
There are various ways to fully enjoy oneself in nature, for example, climbing, sightseeing, visiting Hot springs, skiing.

Fast Fact - Japan Northern Alps

The Northern Alps are like the place where the fascinating Japanese mountains and natures are collected all together. Consequently, abundant natures show us its different faces, which vary with the seasons and places.
To make the most of that nature, humans also need to choose where they go and how to enjoy; all according to seasons and one’s purpose.

In spring, many plants produce flowers including cherry or apple blossoms.
With the mild and comfortable climate, how about trekking, cycling or driving to enjoy flowers on the backdrop of the Northern Alps covered with lingering snow?

Summer is the season of green leaves.
It’s the best season for camping in the Highlands.
Abundant spring runoff allows us to enjoy the outdoor around rivers and lakes, for example rafting and canoeing amongst the gorgeous green filled scenery.

Autumn is the season of fall foliage. It is a wonderful time to see the brightly colored mountains which are gradually changing to red or yellow from the top to the bottom while making your cold body warm in an onsen (hot spring).

Winter is the best season for skiing and snowboarding; all the while also enjoying the contrast between the clear high blue sky and purely white snow-covered mountains.
YUKIMI-BURO (to see snowy landscape while dipping in a hot spring) is the way to enjoy onsens (hot spring) only in this season.

4 recommended places as it would be perfectly suit to have those experiences above are as follows;

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine RouteTateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the road connecting Tateyama-cho town, Toyama Prefecture and Yamato city, Nagano Prefecture, and is also an internationally massive sightseeing mountain route.
Entire intervals are inside of a National Park, and picturesque place is stretching over a wide range, for example, one of the most representative dams in Japan, Kurobe-Dam, and spectacle view of Tateyama mountain range from the rope way.

Hakuba Village
Hakuba VillageHakuba Village is located on the north side of the Northern Alps, at the foot of the mountains on the Nagano side.
As a summer resort it offers trekking, cycling, camping and paragliding. In winter it offers skiing and snowboarding. It’s an active outdoor area.
Happoone ski resort and ski jump where Nagano Winter Olympics was held are there.
Jump into Onsen after enjoying outdoor sports.

KamikochiKamikochi is a tourist sight, it’s located at up stream of Azusa River, south of Northern Alps. With the great Hotaka mountain range standing in the background, Azusa River has an emerald green stream, Kappabashi bridge( symbol of Kamikochi) over the river……….That beautiful scenery is the answer to any questions about the enchantment of this area.
Trekking from the Kappabashi bridge to Myojin-ike pond or Taisyo-ike pond along the Azusa River is very enjoyable and good for getting to know nature.

Norikura Highland
Norikura HighlandNorikura Highland is located on the south side of the Northern Alps.
It’s an impressive highland resort area which has beautiful forests with white birch, Betula ermanii, Larix kaempferi and three waterfalls.
Camping, playing tennis and cycling in summer or, skiing and snowboarding in winter…..
Outdoor sports are equally popular at Hakuba through the year.
There are Onsen as well, and milky white water is characteristic.

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