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Norikura Highland, Azumino, Matsumoto-city, Nagano-prefecture

Norikura-dake (Mt. Norikura is located at the southern edge of Japanese Northern Alps. As Norikura Highland is surrounded by 3000-meter high class mountains, the highest peak Kengamine (剣ヶ峰) (3026m), it’s popular for the people who love climbing or admire mountain flora.

It’s renowned as the easiest accessible 3000-meter high crest, because local buses connect to the climbing gate, ‘Tatami Daira’ (2700m). Gently stretching trail on volcanic ground around Tatami Daira is thought to be the best for trekking. Various plants will keep anyone from being bored.

In addition, a special attraction point of Norikura Highland is its waterfalls, one can enjoy three different tastes of falls, ‘Sanbon-waterfall (三本滝)’, ‘Zengoro-waterfall (善五郎の滝), ‘Bandokoro-waterfall (番所大滝)’, all three of which were chosen as part of the best 100 Japanese waterfalls.

One of the most appealing points of Norikura Highland must be the possibility to feel the Japanese four distinct seasons with your five senses.
It means there are satisfying activities all through the year.
Norikura Kogen
Norikura-dake Norikura Tatamidaira Zengoro Waterfall
Norikura Bandokoro Waterfall Sanbon-daki Waterfall
Ichinose-enchi Trecking Route Norikura Kogen Ski Resort
Norikura-kogen Onsen (Hot Spring)
Seseragi no yu Yukemurikan


There are satisfying activities all through the year.


Putting an end to the cold winter with the approach of warm weather, Norikura Highland has an enjoyable season for spring ski, at the same time it is worth seeing fresh greenery at the foot of the mountain.
Let’s enjoy various ‘green’ of the plants which changes day by day.
Sansai (wild vegetables) cuisine can be enjoyed during the season.


Climbing up the mountains, MTB, trail-running, camping, fishing, summer ski, and the increasingly popular shower climbing… So many activities in the mountains, forests and rivers!! You can choose anything or everything you want to try.


The fall foliage here is a MUST-SEE and one will be amazed by the variety of colors through the natural vegetation. You can hike, or take photos from your favorite place; they are guaranteed to be memorable photos of your journey.


The snow season has an essential role to play in enjoying four seasons in Norikura Highland!
The snow in Norikura boasts of the lightest powder snow in the main land, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku of Japan. On the slopes, enjoying the best quality of snow and the difference of elevation help you enjoy snowboarding and skiing, and in the forest covered with snow, snow shoeing or cross country skis are popular. Ski, snowboard or walk freely in the wild mountain!
Even in winter, you can get to the peak of Norikuradake by using the lift and then hiking up.
You must be hooked on those impressions when you slide down the wide snow area at 1500m difference of elevation with your favorite snow gear on.

Some of the activities are limited depending on the seasons.

Professional Tour Guide

Some of the activities are limited depending on the seasons.
On some of the mountains in Nagano, especially the snow capped ones, there are many risks if you don’t have any knowledge about snow covered mountains.
Hiring a professional guide must be considered to mediate the risks.
They are the experts who are acquainted with the nature around here; they also love this area, so they will give you a new experience and make your mountain trip more interesting. You would discover things which you would never ever have found by yourself.

*Outfitter and mountain guide*
OPEN: AM8:00-PM5:00
Norikura-Kogen, Azumi, Matsumoto-city (松本市安曇乗鞍高原)
Office in winter------inside of the Norikura Information Center (乗鞍観光センター )
Office in other seasons------Aiger, inseide of Igaya Recreation Land
TEL: 0263-93-1243

Access to Norikura

By train------Take the Matsumoto-Dentetsu (Matsumoto Electric Railway) from JR Matsumoto Station to Shinshimashima (新島々駅).
Change to ALPICO BUS bound for Norikura-Shirahone from there and get off at Norikura Highland (Norikura-Kogen)
*about 120minutes.
(Shinshu-Bus company-ENGLISH)HP-----

By car-----1 hour from Matsumoto IC/Nagano Expressway

From the Shinjuku station-------Keio Express Buss/Shinjuku------Matsumoto
*In winter discount coupon is offered with 8000YEN including round trip tickets between Shinjuku and Norikura Highland, 5% discount ticket of your lunch and souvenirs.

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Around Norikura

Kamikochi Shin-Hotaka Matsumoto City
Takayama City (Gifu)
Onsen (Hot Spring)
Shirahone Onsen Nakano-yu Onsen Sakamaki Onsen

Nagawa Onsen Hirayu Fukuchi Onsen (Gifu)

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