Okayama (岡山) is located in the eastern edge of the Chugoku region and its southern shores face the Seto Inland Sea. Its capital is Okayama City.
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Kurashiki Seto-Ohashi Bridge Hiruzen-kogen Highland

Fast Fact - Okayama

Okayama is famous for its fruits, particularly its peaches and grapes. Over half of the peaches sold in Japan come from Okayama.
There is an enormous amount of historical sites and scenic vistas. It's most famous attractions are Korakuen Garden, which is one of the top three Japanese landscape gardens in Japan, along with Kenrokuen in Kanazawa and Kairakuen in Mito, Okayama Castle, the Kurashiki Bikan Chiku Historical Area and a wealth of museums.
Several important sites are to be found in the principal cities of Okayama and Kurashiki.

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