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Fukushima (福島) is located in the southernmost part of the Tohoku region on the main Japanese island Honshu. Its capital is Fukushima City.

Sightseeing Spots in Fukushima
Mt. Bandai Tsuruga Castle Lake Inawashiro

Fast Fact - Fukushima

It is blessed with a variety of natural spectacles, such as spaciously undulating mountains, a complicated volcanic topography and different sizes of lakes and ponds; for example, Mount Bandai, in the Bandai-Asahi National Park, erupted in 1888, creating a large crater and numerous lakes, including the picturesque 'Five Colored Lakes' (Goshiki-numa). The area offers an abundance of seasonal tourist attractions including fresh greenery and wild birds in spring, camping, trekking, marine sports in summer, autumnal tints, skiing, playing in the snow and swan watching in winter.
Fukushima also boasts of a thriving sake (rice wine) brewing industry. One can also taste all sorts of fresh foods from the ocean and local farms, such as ramen noodles, soba noodles and Japanese black beef.

Fukushima also has more than 150 onsens (hot springs).

Food in Fukushima

Kitakata Ramen
Kitakata Ramen

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