Niigata (新潟) is located near the center of Honshu on the coast of the Sea of Japan. It also includes Sado Island (Sado-ga-shima). Its capital is Niigata City.
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Sado-ga-shima Island

Fast Fact - Niigata

It shares the Sea of Japan climate with few hours of sunlight and much snow during the winter and with many hours of sunlight and little rain during the summer.
The climate is suitable for rice cultivation and "Niigata Koshihikari" is generally recognized as the best rice in Japan. Not many foreign tourists get here but the region is famed for the quality of its rice and sake.
Sado Island (Sado-ga-shima) is famous for the Kodo drummers who are well trained and always attract a large audience. Even though one might not initially be a fan of the Kodo, once one hears their sound and sees their performance, one is drawn into their attractive performance before realizing.
Niigata is also famous for its skiing and onsen (hot springs), particularly around Myokokogen and Yuzawa - which are easily accessible from Tokyo. It has unique customs and festivals.

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