I'm traveling around the world and have traveled around all Japan before™

I will update my travel Journal everywhere in the world!!


Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1971

I completed American English course in Kansai Gaidai college, but I learned how to spend the whole term enjoying myself there, instead of studying anything...

I worked for a trading company in Tokyo as what is so called "a member of the elite", but I found out that I didn't fit the world instantly and I quit.

Since then, I had been in a hard rock band as a vocalist in Hiroshima till I decided to stay in Nagano prefecture for a while.

Now I'm traveling around the world...

Outline of my travels

I have traveled around whole Japan by motorcycle, car and bicycle before.

I lived in Nagano for a while as a wanderer after I completed all Japan travel, as the view of the mountain ranges was beautiful most in Japan.

I made a pilgrimage in Shikoku by bicycle and I made three circles at a time then. (About 1400km X 3 times)

Gradually... I was loosing interest in Japan...

And now... I'm traveling around the world. I had never been out of Japan before I started this world journey.